Health insurance for pre-existing disease

By Naveen N,MD in Health Insurance -Claims corner

May 19

Health insurance awareness is growing but many first time buyers are apprehensive, especially people are not sure which policy to buy if they have a pre-existing medical ailment. Most health insurance companies in India define pre existing conditions as “any condition, ailment, injury or related conditions which existed or the patient has taken treatment within 48 months prior to the purchase of health insurance policy from the company”. No one with a pre existing disease should hesitate to buy an insurance cover as most insurers accept same with some waiting period or extra premium for the same.
Most of the pre-existing diseases like diabetes,hypertension and other common ailments like asthma are accepted by most of the insurers with a waiting period during which the treatment for the disease and it’s related complications are not covered. This is generally four years in most of the companies but it may be less n some cases. However,there are some diseases like cancer which are not accepted. It is very important while buying a policy to disclose all health related issues that have been diagnosed, whether on treatment or not, as the insurer decides in accepting the policy basis the same. Not disclosing any condition is considered a misrepresentation of material facts and in case same is determined later the policy contract will be terminated with forfeiture of entire premium.
So whenever you buy a policy always check what is printed on the policy copy received from the companies and verify whether all conditions declared by you are mentioned. In case there is a discrepancy the same should be intimated to the insurer immediately and correction should be initiated and confirmation taken.


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