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About My Med Policy

Our mission is to provide solutions to manage all customers health insurance related issues and needs. We are one of the world's most unique technology driven platform where user can get unbiased support for all his health insurance and claim reimbursement related issues. Using our cutting edge technology solution users can track their health, manage disease, save medical records and compare personal and population health insurance analytics .

Why MyMedPolicy ?

Health insurance policy is bought by most of us to help us cover our expenses in time of need & also prevent us from financial disaster. However, we need to be completely aware about the coverages of various polices and the process for claiming the same at the time when it is needed most. Most of us end up choosing polices which are too inadequate or not disclosing our diseases at time of policy ending up in claims not getting honored.

Active Forum & Community

MyMedPolicy is a platform where people find a place to interact with each other and our Health Insurance industry , Clinical and legal experts on issues related to Health Insurance policy ,services and claim reimbursements through our online communities.

Free Disease Management

My MedPolicy is a place where we empower you through technology to manage your health with a robust disease management program, select the appropriate policy for your family needs and guide you through the entire process from buying policy through claim and grievance redressal.

Claim Assistance On Call

At MyMedPolicy we have a team of experts from various fields like medical field, Insurance field & the legal fraternity to provide expert opinions and guide you through the entire process helping you to make the process easy & simple.

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